Strategic Positioning

We create for the future - in response to ever-changing trends

We understand the need to align creation visions with your business objectives. Our practises go further to incrementally expand the life cycle of great ideas and visions, and build on the capacity and commercial

Design Responsiveness

Designs that identify and elevate brands

Our strength is our unique thought process and original approach to creative design to deliver new and exciting products to market. We focus on design languages where technology, innovation and styling clearly speak and respond directly to consumer desires. 

Product Innovation

Relentless in delivering on challenges to innovation

With proven international award winning success, we thrive on taking on new challenges in innovation risk assessment, conceptual discoveries and solving problems. Our goals are delivering “the great idea” and bringing it to commercial reality and consumer acceptance.

Branding / Marketing

Connecting brand image and consumer awareness

Being noticed and felt are essential in a fast paced global industry. We take the aspirations of brands in capturing, building and expanding on brand identity to create stories and packages that directly appeal to the emotions and desires of the consumer. 

Product Development

Bringing your product to commercial life

We approach development by applying professional manufacturing experience, technical knowledge and creative solution finding to discover new possibilities in creating well executed products. Our location provides us with the perfect environment to build trust and relationships with factories and suppliers.

Training Workshops

We have an infectious ability to inspire teams

We believe that the core foundation to great design starts from the open and creative mind. Our workshops explore ways to develop hard and soft skills, such as innovation design, concept expansion, creative leadership, design execution, storytelling, character building, understanding the positives in facing challenges, and staying motivated.

Creative Direction

We can kick off design seasons that inspire change

Our creative thought process looks at current market trends and insights to seek alternative and exciting new ways to drive the creation of new trends and pursue gaps in the market.  We build ranges by applying visual content, emotional value and technical benefits to create a visual product DNA story to share and unify across numerous product categories.